Sunday, 22 March 2015

NHS Energy Efficiency Fund Summary Report authored by Prof. Alan Short, Prof. Peter Guthrie, Eleni Soulti and Dr. Sebastian MacMillan published by UK Gov't Department of Health at

'In 2010, the NHS England was responsible for 24.7 million tonnes of CO2e (MtCO2e), from which approximately 17% (4.07 MtCO2e) was due to energy use in buildings. To be in line with the 28% carbon emissions reduction by 2020 compared to a 2013 baseline (ref SDS) this would require a reduction of 0.1628 MtCO2e annually (around 4% savings every year). Investing nearly £50 million in the Energy Efficiency Fund in 2014 is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 0.1006 MtCO2e (ref). Therefore, investment in retrofit projects achieving approximately 1.6 times the EEF savings every year would deliver this level of carbon emissions reduction.'

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