Saturday, 30 May 2015

Rossano Ferretti in our Arlington Street cellars project, perhaps the world's most exclusive hairdressers,  see their London Salon for more images inside and out.

Vogue magazine wrote ('Under the Radar' March 11th, 2015) , "...Ferretti's infamous method of finding the most flattering cut for every face, but it's the secret, cave-like rooms, the exposed brickwork and the glimpse into London's secret history that makes the visit so special. Hands down the most beautiful salon we've been to. And we've been to a lot."

Tatler wrote, "Alice fell down the rabbit hole and found a wonderland, so will you when you descend the fairytale staircase into the vault that holds Rossano Ferretti's new hair salon. It's like entering an enchanted cave where only the best haircuts live."

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